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by Dave Yauk 

Join God’s people as they wander in the Book of Numbers. They experience the tendency of all of humanity; to think and live like slaves under their own power and under the influence of imperfect rulers. The only remedy to heal all of mankind and to bring us to freedom is NOT for us to reject Authority altogether, but to surrender to the leadership of a perfect ruler—Jesus is the only one that claims such a title!!


by Dave Yauk 

Life is not a controlled experiment. Life is a journey. It is my opinion that most discipleship models fail to embrace how the journey of everyday life can mature and grow us into mature followers of Christ. I suggest that we need a helpful metaphor or “parable” that can help us picture what discipleship looks like in all its colors, ups and downs, and ebbs and flows. Music can help!

Come along with Eli and Saba (Eli’s Grandfather) on a wild ride of storytelling and discovery, and learn about the real HERO of the Bible—Jesus!



This short story is a parable of death and resurrection that is accompanied by our Parables music project. Read the teaser:

Unable to move, trapped in an undisclosed predicament, she awakens only to discover that she has no idea who she is. The only way to find herself and undestand what’s happened to her is to follow the trail of markings left on her body. The only hope offered to finding a restored identity are the images of two lions bearing down across her chest.

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The Carpenter's Trade

By Lauren Riggs & Dave Yauk, Illustrations by Chris Jones

This is a captivating story about an ordinary boy who grows up making things out of wood, and playing make-believe around his favorite tree. Everything in life is so childlike and imaginative until one day he meets a different kind of Carpenter and learns that imagination, creativity, and skill, are about much more than just carving wood and making toys.

The Doxology Series | Both/And | Coming 2017

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